​​​​​Upcoming Screenings​​​​

2019                      LAN. Festival audiovisual obrero (Audiovisual Worker Festival) - Basque Country Premiere

                              The film will tour Basque Country schools.

                              Bilbao, España (Spain)

​​​Past Screenings​

May 5, 2019          Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento - Sacramento Premiere
                                          Followed by panel discussion with Immigrant Workers Freedom Rider César Díaz; Donald                                                  Thornberry, Unitarian Universalists Society of Sacramento Immigrant Justice Group; Patricia Portillo,                                Founder, Undocumented Student Scholarship Program; Rhonda Rios Kravitz, Sacramento                                                Immigration Coalition; and Filmmaker Valerie Lapin Ganley.    Donations were collected for the                                          Undocumented Student Scholarship Program.

                              Sacramento, CA

May 2, 2019          Reel Work Labor Film Festival - Santa Cruz Premiere

                              Followed by panel discussion with Immigrant Workers Freedom Rider Northern California Co-Chair                                    Julius De Vera and filmmaker Valerie Lapin Ganley.
                              Santa Cruz, CA​

​April 15, 2019       San Francisco State University Labor Archives and Research Center
                              Shown to a class on politics and immigration.  Followed by a Q&A with Immigrant Workers Freedom                                  Riders Liana Molina and Valerie Lapin Ganley, the filmmaker.
                              San Francisco, CA

​March 27, 2019     Festival Cine Político Dirigido por Mujeres​ - ​Valencia Premiere
Sociedad General de Autores y Editores SGAE
                               Sala SGAE Centre Cultural de Valencia
                               Valencia, España (Spain)

Feb. 27, 2019       Ricardo F. Icaza Workers' Center - Encore Screening
                              Audience of shop stewards at meat packing plants.
                              Huntington Park, CA

Feb. 27, 2019       UCLA Labor Center

​                              Shown to a class on the history of the United Farm Workers Union.  Followed by a panel discussion                                  with former UNITE HERE General President John Wilhelm, UFCW, Local 770 Organizing Director                                    and Vice President Rigo Valdez and filmmaker Valerie Lapin Ganley.
                              Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 23, 2018       Festival de Cine Latino Americano
                              Outstanding Feature Documentary Award
                              Denton, Texas

Jan. 8, 2018          Oshman Family Jewish Community Center
​                              Filmmaker in attendance
                              Palo Alto, CA

Oct.  27, 2018       Immigration Film Festival - 
Washington, D.C. premiere
                              Opening Film.  Best Documentary Award winner.
                              Washington, D.C.​

Oct. 13, 2018        Utopia Film Festival - 
Maryland premiere
                              Greenbelt, MD

Oct. 14, 2018        Irish Arts & Writers Festival
                              WHO BELONGS? Immigrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers in the 21st Century
                              The Long Ride clips, readings and conversation about how Ireland and America treat new arrivals                                       and existing immigrant  communities.
                               Los Gatos, CA

​​​​Oct. 7, 2018          Congregation Beth Israel Judea Sisterhood Annual Brunch
                               Pledge to Vote cards were distributed and free rides to the voting polls were offered.
                               San Francisco, CA

Sept 22, 2018       Festival de Cine Político Dirigido Por Mujeres - 
European premiere
                            Madrid, España (Spain)

July 21, 2018        Pacifica Social Justice, Faith in Action
                               Cosponsored by Pacifica Peace People, San Mateo Central Labor Council, California Nurses                                             Association and American Federation of Teachers, AFT 3267
                               Followed by Q&A with 10 Freedom Riders including the Filmmaker.
                               Pacifica, CA

July 14, 2018        New York International Immigration Film Festival
                               New York, NY

June 14, 2018       Cine Villa Olímpica
                               Contra El Silencio Todas Las Voces Winners were presented.
                               Tlalpan, México City, Mexico

May 27 & 29, 2018  Festival Internacional Cine de América - 
Hildalgo, Mexico premiere
                                 Official Selection: Glimpse at America Category/Selección Oficial: Vistazo Por América
                                 After the first screening, at the request of the audience, a second screening was added prior to the                                     3rd already scheduled  screening.  El largo Viaje was the only film shown three times at the festival.
                                 Pachuca, Hildalgo, Mexico

May 24, 2018          Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO, San Francisco Chapter - 

                                San Francisco premiere
                                Celebrating Asian Heritage Month event "The Next 25 Years of Resistance"
                                Followed by a panel discussion entitled "Connecting the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride to                                            Challenges of Janus v. AFSCME" with  Freedom Riders, representatives from the Labor Movement                                    and the filmmaker.
                                San Francisco, CA

​May 11, 2018           United Food & Commercial Workers International Union, Local 770
                                 Followed by a panel discussion with representatives from Central Coast Alliance United for a                                             Sustainable Economy, the  UFCW, Local 770 and the filmmaker about how to respond to attacks                                       on  immigrants.  Freedom Rider  in attendance.                                        
                                 Camarillo, CA

April 18, 2018          X Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Cine y Video documental: Contra El Silencio Todas Las                                      Voces -
Latin America premiere
​                                  Honorable Mention: Borders, Migrations and Exiles Category
                                  Mención Honorifica: la categoría Fronteras, Migraciones y Exilios
                                  Mexico City, Mexico

April 16, 2018           University of San Francisco The Fromm Institute for Lifelong Learning
                                  Shown in "Deportation Nation" and its Discontents, 1990s-2018 class.  Followed by Q&A with                                            Filmmaker Valerie Lapin Ganley.
                                  San Francisco, CA​

Feb. 28, 2018            #1 in Civil Rights: The African American Freedom Struggle in St. Louis Exhibit - 

                                   Missouri premiere 
                                    Included in the Missouri History Museum Exhibit that examined the Civil Rights Movement in St.                                        Louis and the City's role in advancing the cause of racial justice.  Co-presented by the Missouri                                          History Museum and Missouri Immigrant & Refugee  Advocates.  Panel discussion with                                                      representatives of UNITE HERE, Local 74,  Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates , St. Louis                                        historian, and Filmmaker Valerie Lapin Ganley.
                                    St. Louis, MO

Oct. 12, 2017             University of California Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment 
                                   Followed by a panel discussion with undocumented students, union activists, Freedom Riders                                           and the filmmaker.  AFSCME organizers circulated a petition calling on the University of California                                     President to declare UC campuses sanctuary for students and workers.  Co-sponsored                                                       by American Federation of State, County & Municipal Workers, Local  3299 and the Multicultural                                       Immigrant Student Program.
                                   Berkeley, CA

Sept. 17, 2017          United Latinos Conference - 
Nevada premiere
                                  An audience of rank and file union leaders who are on the front lines fighting for immigrant rights.                                      Q&A with the filmmaker.  DVDs were distributed for union hall screenings throughout the U.S. and                                    Canada.  Presented by the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union.
                                  Las Vegas, NV

May 21, 2017            Marquis Theatre - 
New England premiere
                                  Followed by a panel discussion, with immigrant rights activists, health care providers and the                                              filmmaker, focused on the  difficulties migrant dairy workers face and the Milk With Dignity                                                  Campaign.  Proceeds benefited Migrant Justice and the  Open Door Clinic, and volunteers were                                        recruited.  In October, 2017 Migrant Justice and Ben & Jerry’s CEO signed the Milk with Dignity                                        agreement, a legally binding contract that establishes Ben & Jerry’s as the first company in the                                          dairy industry  to  implement the worker-driven human rights program.  Presented by Showing Up                                      For Racial Justice, Migrant Justice and   Open Door Clinic.
                                  Middlebury, VT 

May 10, 2017          Workers Unite Film Festival
                                 New York, NY 

May 7, 2017            Cine Las Americas International Film Festival - 
Southern U.S. Region premiere
                                Official Selection, Panorama Features
                                Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin, TX

May 4, 2017           Global Gathering Conference - 
New York premiere
                                City University of New York Murphy Institute for Worker Education & Labor Studies
                                New York, NY

April 24, 2017         (In)Justice for All Film Festival - 
Mid-west premiere
                                 Followed by a panel discussion with Northeastern University Law School immigrant rights attorneys.
                                 Chicago, IL

April 11, 2017         The Ricardo F. Icaza Workers' Center - 
Bilingual English/Spanish version premiere 
                               The screening was part of a series of events in conjunction with the opening of the UFCW's new                                       workers' center.    Followed by a Q&A with a Freedom Rider and the filmmaker.
                                 Huntington Park, CA 

April 7, 2017           Oakland International Film Festival - 
World Film Festival Premiere
                                 Freedom Riders in attendance at Oakland City Hall.
                                 Oakland, CA

March 20, 2017       Cornell University School of Industrial & Labor Relations Union Days -

                                 Special sneak preview for the Kick off  of Cornell’s Union Days 2017 series of events. Followed by                                     Q&A with a Freedom Rider and the filmmaker.
                                 Ithaca, NY

March 17, 2017       Alianza Pais

                                 Special sneak preview for an audience of Dominican community  political and labor activists.                                             Followed by Q&A with a Freedom Rider and the filmmaker.
                                 New York, NY

March 17, 2017       The High School for Media & Communications

                                 Special sneak preview followed by Q&A with a Freedom Rider and the filmmaker.
                                  New York, NY

Sept. 21, 2016          Skyline Community College Latinx Heritage Month

                                  Rough cut screening for an audience of documented and undocumented students, and teachers.                                      Followed by  panel discussion with Latin American Student Association members and the                                                  filmmaker.  
                                  San Bruno, CA 

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