Shalom Ireland Music

​​Ceilizemer  (ceili, Gaelic for Irish musical party; zemer, Hebrew for song) is a unique and talented group of musicians that was especially assembled to create the Shalom Ireland soundtrack.  The musicians hail from two prominent Northern California bands: 

Driving With Fergus, a traditional Irish music band from Oakland; and 

The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band, which plays Jewish folk music with shades of Blue Grass and Celtic, based in the Sacramento area. 

What binds these musicians is not only their Jewish faith, but their love of Klezmer tunes and traditional Irish music. The original soundtrack for Shalom Ireland combines these musical genres, and although the result is something rarely heard, you won't be able to get enough of it.

The Musicians:

Lewis Santer: bouzouki, guitar and mandolin, member of Driving With Fergus

Andy Rubin: clawhammer banjo and mandolin, member of The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band

David Kidron; fiddle and tin whistle, member of The Freilachmakers, now living back in New Zealand

Vince Wolfe: uilleann piper, tin whistle, wooden flute & guitar, member of Driving With Fergus

With accompaniment by:

Julie Hochman: cello

LaRita Craft: accordion 

Sean Feder: percussion


Music Recording:

Shawn King, Recording Engineer, Impulse Recording Studio, Davis, CA

Lewis Santer, Dann Thompson and Vince Wolfe, Music Mix at Skywalker Sound, Marin County, California

Judy Kirschner, Assistant Engineer

Special thanks to Melanie Mociun


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