Global Gathering Conference

New York

May 4, 2017

Share Productions

Social issue documentary films that build cross cultural bridges

​Northwestern University Law School 375 E Chicago Ave, Chicago

Aprill 24, 2017 at 6:30pm

A timely new feature-length documentary about the historic 2003 Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride that sparked the birth of the new Civil Rights Movement for immigrant workers in the U.S. and the ongoing fight to fix the broken immigration system.​ 

World Film Fest Premiere

​Oakland International Film Festival

Oakland City Hall

Friday, April 7 at 1:00pm
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Shalom Ireland is a one-hour documentary about Ireland's remarkable, yet little known Jewish community.  The one hour film chronicles the history of Irish Jewry while celebrating the unique culture created by blending Irish and Jewish traditions.  From gun running for the Irish Republican Army during Ireland's War of Independence to smuggling fellow Jews escaping from the Holocaust into Palestine, Shalom Ireland tells the untold story of how Irish Jews participated in the creation and development of both Ireland and Israel.  The film aired on RTÉ, Ireland's national public broadcaster, and has screened at more than a hundred film festivals, community centers, universities and synagogues around the world. 

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The Story of Jacob and Fanny Lappin, whose marriage was the first Jewish Wedding in Waterford, Ireland, 

and the inspiration for Shalom Ireland was featured in the 

Representations of Jews in Irish Literature Exhibition at the

​Waterford Institution of Technology

Coming to New York April, 2017

Washington, D.C. November, 2017

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