Shalom Ireland is a documentary about Ireland's remarkable, yet little known Jewish community.

Broadcast on Ireland's national public television station. 

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​​​​Hidden Diamonds

Representations of Jews in Irish Literature

The story of Shalom Ireland Director Valerie Lapin Ganley's great-grandparents, Jacob and Fanny Diamond Lappin, was featured in a museum display during the Waterford Institute of Technology's presentation of Representations of Jews in Irish Literature​a traveling exhibition, in 2017.  The couple's wedding was the first Jewish wedding held in Waterford, Ireland and was the inspiration for Shalom Ireland.​​  

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The Long Ride is a timely documentary about the historic 2003 Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride that sparked the new Civil Rights Movement for immigrant workers in the United States. 

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Social issue documentary films that build cross cultural bridges

In 2017, the Irish Arts & Writers Festival in Los Gatos, California presented Jews in Irish Life and Literature, an event that included the Representations of Jews in Irish Literature Exhibition; Hidden Diamonds, museum panels about the Lappin/Diamond family that paints a social history picture of Jewish life in late 19th Century Waterford, Ireland;  screening of a Shalom Ireland clip; book and poetry readings; and a panel discussion.  In 2018, Hidden Diamonds returned to the Irish Arts & Writers Festival and where Fanny, Jacob and their family were featured in Waterford Institute of Technology Librarian Kieran Cronin's talk Paws For Thought: New Leads on Genealogy.

Alarmed by the increase in workplace abuses, deportations and family separation, more than 900 immigrants and allies traveled across America to focus public attention on the plight of immigrant workers and to call for reform of the broken immigration system. They were inspired by the 1961 Civil Rights Movement Freedom Riders who risked their lives fighting to end segregation.  The film chronicles their journey and the on-going fight  for immigrant rights including their progress and setbacks as they seek justice for immigrants and passage of comprehensive immigration reform.   The Riders share their heart wrenching, yet inspiring  personal stories of migration -- putting a human face on this controversial issue.  The Long Ride examines  the human costs as lawmakers consider overhaul of the U.S. immigration system and the Trump Administration continues its relentless attacks on immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.   The film generates thought provoking dialogue and deeper understanding of the immigration experience breaking down the wall that often divide us.  

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Shalom Ireland is a one hour film chronicles the history of Irish Jewry while celebrating the unique culture created by blending Irish and Jewish traditions.  From gun running for the Irish Republican Army during Ireland's War of Independence to smuggling fellow Jews escaping from the Holocaust into Palestine, Shalom Ireland tells the untold story of how Irish Jews participated in the creation and development of both Ireland and Israel.  The film aired on RTÉ, Ireland's national public broadcaster, and has screened at more than a hundred film festivals, community centers, universities and synagogues around the world. 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 1:00pm

Shultz Cultural Arts Hall
3921 Fabian Way

Palo Alto, California

​​Filmmaker in attendance

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